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Revolutionize your wallet.

The innovative accessory company called upon VyeMedia’s services to provide a global visibility in addition to an e-commerce venue and a  website showcasing the modern, sleek yet practical products that they offer.


 The story :


With cyber theft on the rise, RFID theft in particular, MAKARD saw the threat and created an RFID-Blocking wallet with aluminum casing that blocks any attempt of this kind of theft which allows people to feel safer knowing their financials are more secure.

MAKARD called upon our services with the intention of growing their business digitally by recreating the e-commerce platform and the website, highlighting their product offer and showcase the outstanding urban companion they created.

01 The challenge:

Design : Seeing that the target clients of MAKARD are young professionals, the user interface should relate more to that audience rather than the old, very simple website design that presented sluggish, tiring and boring usage.


We developed an upbeat, modern new design, one that cut with the old website’s basic feel. Remodeling the visual language, we went for a much friendlier vibe, while still giving off a sense of quality and professionalism. Colour choice and combination was implemented to highlight the visual identity of MAKARD and to put forward the products and their design.


Web Developement : We developed a powerful platform to ensure peak responsiveness, optimal performance, and an easy-going user interface. The architecture of the site was multi-user tested to permit smooth navigation and an ideal user experience.


Branding : from graphic digital content, ad creation and creative design, we were focused to highlight the feeling of belonging to a broader community, which allows more customers who really like the brand, loyal customers, to become second hand promoters to the brand.


Adding to that, a fact oriented branding strategy around the benefits of owning the product, resulted in an increase of awareness in the utility of the MAKARD RFID-Blocking wallet.

02 The Approach

We rebuilt the website to go hand in hand with the brand, the logo and overall ethic of the business.

We also made sure to carefully choose the convenient colors and copy.

Vyemedia focused on what the consumer needed.

The design implemented was not only about User Interface, but was also inspired by how the targeted audience lived and interacted with the added value of the service offer.

We did not solely focus on the technical aspects of the platform, we also worked on giving an immersive side to the user experience.

More importantly, the aesthetic of the website was carefully designed.

Colors and placement of the textual content was mindfully chosen to relate with the startupers’ mindset.

03The Outcome:

focused content strategy pulls users into the experience and entices them to explore the e-commerce interface in a user friendly manner. The design and information architecture finally highlights valuable features of the product, and does so in a modern, direct way, showing the silent yet explosive change in the person’s style.

Custom graphics & design

Personalized illustrations are showing people, reflecting the convenient and entertaining nature of the product, as well as the memorable experiences it makes possible.

Improved UX/UI

The fresh new look and intuitive navigation provide a level of user experience that reflects MAKARD’s leading-edge product. The sum of the parts delivers a powerful impression to potential customers, positioning MAKARD as an aspirational, go-to brand when choosing a modern yet classy wallet.

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