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Gotzha Got yah !!


Ever struggled with how to grow your business and attract more clients? Gotzha is your solution to all of those problems !!  The company was founded in 2019 as an international performance marketing agency, and is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In fact, The agency is in charge of assisting publishers and advertisers in exceeding their growth goals by customized deals and exclusive opportunities. Awesome right !!

Also, Gotzha excels in helping its clients accomplish their goals by combining efficient data with a personal touch. The firm is considered a successful intermediate between publishers seeking leads and advertisers generating prospects.

01 The challenge:

Much like in any other collaboration, challenges had always been an essential part of the journey toward success. Indeed, at the beginning of providing services for Gotzha, we have faced several setbacks mainly related to the quality and quantity of the leads needed.

Vyemedia team’s principal mission was to generate the number of reliable and efficient leads required for Gotzha’s clients.

Mission accomplished so far!

02 The Approach

*Selecting the target audience:


Since it’s impossible to reach everyone at once, vyemedia began by narrowing its focus into identifying the core audience that leads to choosing successful campaign plans (or marketing strategies).


By employing various hunting strategies, such as scanning competitors’ clients, using smart social media, and, most notably, building trust within the client community (community management). Vyemedia was successful in determining its client’s ideal target audience.


*Choosing the platform that resonates with the target audience :

After having defined the target audience, Vyemedia usually determines the appropriate platform resonating with it. In Gotzha’s case, Facebook and Instagram were both selected as the main online traffic sources.


*Creating an appealing marketing message:

In order to maintain the client’s visibility and enhance its brand awareness, Vyemedia took in hands the elaboration of marketing messages. Vyemedia was not only resp

onsible for creating creative textual content, but also for developing innovative designs for the “creatives”.

03The Outcome:

Thanks to the different approaches implemented, we were able to honour our agreement with Gotzha by not only ensuring quantitative leads but also qualitative ones.

Indeed, Our agency has provided Gotzha with more than 25 000 leads by creating and  optimizing the Ad campaigns using Facebook and Instagram.

Pretty impressive right? Imagine what we can achieve together…

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