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a community that loves sharing.

Binpact started off as a service accessible to all, then decided to mainly target students before finally shifting its focus to startups subscribed to co-working spaces.

It is quality-oriented; not only the quality of the products exchanged within the platform, but also the quality of life.

They aim to make the world a better place by making it a place of humanity and freedom.


Ever thought of replacing useless products you have in exchange for others you’ve always wished for?

Binpact has turned this dream into reality.

Binpact is a digital bartering platform that enables people to exchange trusted and expert-approved products.

They turned to Vyemedia seeking broader visibility online.


01 The challenge:

Even though Binpact had a good website, they did not utilize it. So we invited the community to engage more with the company by creating captivating content. To enhance the user experience, we had to work on a more complex website architecture that ensures a smooth, user-friendly navigation.

02 The Approach

We rebuilt the website to go hand in hand with the brand, the logo and overall ethic of the business.

We also made sure to carefully choose the convenient colors and copy.

Vyemedia focused on what the consumer needed.

The design implemented was not only about User Interface, but was also inspired by how the targeted audience lived and interacted with the added value of the service offer.

We did not solely focus on the technical aspects of the platform, we also worked on giving an immersive side to the user experience.

More importantly, the aesthetic of the website was carefully designed.

Colors and placement of the textual content was mindfully chosen to relate with the startupers’ mindset.

03The Outcome:

No guide needed.

You are most welcome to visit the website. You will feel at home when our trustworth is finally conveyed.

Finding out how we categorized products was finally possible.

  • We could build communities instead of trying to build a heterogeneous one. A common characteristic. We are all reachable, in a large interconnected network of need and supply.
  • More homogenous and coherent communities, built on common characteristics.
  • The website is related to the community. We made it after a long back and forth with our client and more importantly by implementing their vision.

With that done the website got more visits

The user experience was highly improved with a more intuitive approach: All about the user needs, time, and expectations were provided. In our point of view, everything else is a matter of good tech, team spirit and putting the users first.

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