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3 Simple Ways To Triple Your Facebook Results Using Ad Copy.

The use of ads to create awareness and maximize profit on social media has become a very common method of digital marketing widely accepted and utilized by many brands and businesses.

However, as many businesses and brands begin to adopt this strategy, there is a common mistake they all seem to make – ‘’focusing and wasting too much time and money on the trivial elements of a campaign”

That poses a serious question. What are the trivial aspects of a campaign that can be easily overlooked?

  • What ad layout should I use?
  • Where should I place my ad?
  • Is Facebook feed better than Instagram feed?

Now, these are legitimate concerns and fears especially if you’re a newbie to the digital market or you’re just trying out an ad campaign. But all these efforts wouldn’t matter in the end if you fail to get this ONE thing right. And what is it?

Writing A Good Ad Copy

A good Ad copy should be one that spurs your audience to take action and creates an impression in the minds of the target market. However, most times this important fact is often sidelined in the endless stream of marketing suggestions.

Most copies out there are POOR and lack creatively captivating content. They seem to follow a typical monotonous outline, one the prospective customers have seen more than a few times before.

The results? A business/brand struggling to build an audience.

So, why exactly should attention is paid to produce a good copy?

The truth is, no one can control the reactions or impressions your Ad makes no matter how visible they are. It’s like fighting a losing battle, yet determined to finish it off bravely.

Now, let’s expand a little more on this.

When consumers and prospective clients scroll through their feeds, there may be a lot of random things going on in their minds. A busy day at work, a hard time at school, schedules, and events to meet up or even some emergency to solve, the list is endless.

Now with that many distractions, many things are competing for their attention. Hence the need for a good copy. This is because as they randomly scroll through, it takes something engaging and captivating to grab their attention and make them pause, else they’d scroll right past your ad

As the world of digital marketing continues to grow, several techniques and strategies have been tested, implemented, and accepted as core principles to make a good copy. In this article, we have compiled the 3 major tried and tested ways to make an amazing Ad copy. Here they are:

Benefits Over Features, Always

Here’s a quote I always keep in the back of my mind when writing a copy. ‘’People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.”

Now, with this method, the features of the equipment are emphasized first before the feature that facilitates that feature.

So rather than make your product’s features your headline alone, it is best to tell the prospective client or user what benefit that product holds for them and how those features can help to make their life better.

Make It About Them

They are the ones to patronize you after all. And remember, people won’t care about your product’s features if they don’t see how it’s going to benefit them. So every time you mention a feature, make sure to add the phrase ‘’so that’’ to ensure that you are queuing in the benefits to the product.

Know Your Audience And Be Specific

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Before you put out an ad, shoot any video or write any post, it is important to determine who your target market is. Defining your target market helps to tailor and shape the structure of the ads to suit the needs of the targeted consumer/user. What contents are they likely to care about and why? Are some of the self-examining questions to consider before putting out an advertisement. This way, it will be easier to create content that they will familiar with and can relate with, thus achieving the goal for a good copy advertisement.

A Clear Call To Action

The average internet user is easily distracted. Hence, excessively wordy or confusing copies should be avoided. The ad should be clear and concise, not a combination of promo options, bonus discounts, or the likes. Rather than trying to offer baits, define the product. Make it stand out. Aim to pique the prospective customer’s curiosity by telling them why they need to buy or use your product. The baits can be added at the end of a precise copy.

And that’s a wrap. The 3 ways to doubling and maximizing profits using Facebook ads. These principles above are not laws, but widely accepted strategies that can work on all forms of digital marketing, not just Facebook ads.

So when your client pops up with a ‘’so what’s in it for me’’ question, you’d be ready to get them to take action by speaking to them directly and asking them what to do with a CTA.

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