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How You Can Make Facebook’s Algorithm Work For You?
A Secret Way To Understand Facebook’s Brain

Let’s take you on a jolly ride into the heart of the Facebook algorithm. It’s not a smooth ride so be prepared to hit some rocks along the way. Now, you may be aware that online advertising is very much different from traditional marketing. Magazines, TV, and billboard ads do not even come close to digital advertising. It’s such a great divide between them but most people have no idea about this.


They think that the only significant difference between them is that one is done online while the other is performed offline. It’s also widely known that online advertising is powerful and profitable because everyone talks about how it boosted their sales. They also know that online campaigns hold a lot of substance and are very traceable.


All the above notions are accurate but they do not truly depict why traditional and online advertising is not on the same level. The huge difference between them is the delivery equation. Look at what the traditional delivery of an advert looks like:

From the image above; you can see that an advertiser creates the ad, decides the placement, and launches it. Then they sit back, fold their arms, and hope that it converts well. The only thing that determines if this advert will skyrocket their sales is the imagination and ingenious ability of the marketer. Rather than that, there’s nothing else to do.

Let’s also take a look at how Facebook advertising works:

Well, this sure looks different. Something has been added to the formerly bland equation. The Facebook algorithm or brain is here to spice things up. As an advertiser, you still have to be creative but the ad will have to be processed in Facebook’s brain before your audience can see it.

The masters of the online advertising space are no longer focusing on creating ads alone. So what are they also looking at? As you may have guessed the Facebook brain.

To gain success as an online advertiser, you need to know how you can make Facebook’s brain work for you. You have to understand the algorithm and how it thinks. It’s imperative to know why it shows a particular ad to a particular person. How does it make decisions and how does it navigate Facebook ads and the content delivery system?

No doubt, this machine is a sophisticated one but here are some tips to help you understand Facebook’s brain better:


  • Half-human half-robot


The Facebook algorithm is a machine that makes billions of decisions daily. But you should know that it was created and is constantly being updated by its human developers. That being said, it also knows how to think like humans.


  • The machine intent


Facebook survives by keeping users glued to its platform. It makes sure they are being engaged at all times. It does this by providing a great experience for the user so it can make money and continue to grow.

Facebook uses data input to feed its brain so that it can make decisions.

You have to understand that you cannot change how the machine thinks and what it decides to do. But you can give the machine what it likes so it can produce you what you like in return. Here are two major biases of the Facebook brain and what you can do to make it favor you:

Lexical Sentiment Bias 

The Facebook algorithm can detect negativity or positivity in your ad based on the words used. It loves to serve friendly content to its users because it wants them to remain happy. If you want to take advantage of the algorithm’s happiness bias, you should make your copy promote happiness while passing your message across. You can use an online lexical sentiment analysis tool to see how good your words are. You should make sure to refrain from using words that could be harming your ad because Facebook detests them.

Graphical Sentiment Bias 

The Facebook brain can also tell what is contained in your images and videos. It detects emotions, scenes, objects and so much more. Since it prefers happy content, you should give it what it likes. An example is people in an outdoor location who have smiles on their faces.

The lexical and graphical sentiment biases are some of the algorithm’s biases but that’s all we can cover for now. Remember to not disregard Facebook’s brain when making an online advertising campaign. These little considerations and tweaks can give you an edge over other advertisers who chose to forget the algorithm. When you have Facebook’s brain on your side, you will soar your business into new heights.

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